About us

I’d like to confirm here that we are hardened expedition types, veterans of numerous mountain climbs, oceanic rowers or ultra endurance atheletes but that’s simply not the case.  We are, by all accounts normal people, with normal jobs and normal educations, the only difference is that we had the courage to dream and the desire and dedication to pursue that dream. I am Matthew, I am 32 years old, I like cycling, any form of cycling, I’m not fusy.  I like cake, beef and coffee, nature and the stuff outside makes me happy, I don’t like it when the phone rings!

My name is Sylwia, I am Polish. I love travelling, exploring and meeting new people.  I was inspired to start cycling when I met Matt a few years ago and now I also hope to inspire others to adventure by sharing my experiences along the road on this website!

If you have any questions, thoughts, tips please send us an e-mail : journeysbybike@gmail.com

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