Eng: Firstly, please donate, it doesn’t have to be our chosen charity, pick your own if you want but please donate.  The cost of our lattes, cappucinos or lunchtime sushi is more than daily or even weekly wage of large parts of the worlds population, please spare some of your loose change, it can make a difference ! 

SOS Children’s Village (the worlds largest orphan charity)

SOS Children’s Villages provides a family for life for children who have lost their parents through war, famine, disease and poverty. Over 78,000 orphaned or abandoned children are cared for by SOS mums in clusters of family homes in more than 500 of our unique children’s villages, in 124 countries around the world. Thousands more children benefit from SOS Children’s outreach support which includes education, vocational training, medical care and community development programmes. SOS Children also provides emergency relief in situations of crisis and disaster, and continues to support families in earthquake and tsunami-affected countries.

To donate –

Pol: W zwiazku z rowerowa wyprawa do Ameryki organizujemy zbiorke charytatywna na rzecz fundacji SOS wioski dzieciece. Wszystkich zainspirowanych nasza wyprawa, ludzi dobrej woli oraz tych o ogromnych sercach prosimy o pomoc, dokonujac wplaty

w funtach na

w zlotowkach na 

                     Pomozcie pomagac! Kazda kwota jest wazna!

Sami finansujemy nasza wyprawe i wszystkie zebrane pieniadze beda przekazane na organizacje charytatywna.



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