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To find out where we are simply click the below link.

Where are Sylwia and Matt?

We will do our best to provide a daily update on our location while we are on the move.  Below is an outline of our plans but these will undoubtly change and alter as the journey unfolds, I guess things will work themselves out as we go.

1st Sept 2010 – Fly to Buenos Aires
November 2010 – Ushuaia, Argentina
Christmas/New Year 2010/2011 – Puerto Montt, Chile
March 2011 – Bolivia
May 2011 – Peru
June 2011 – Ecuador
July 2011 – Colombia
August 2011 – Central America
October/December 2011 -Mexico
November 2011 – Cuba
January/Apr 2012 – USA
May/June 2012 – Canada
July 2012 – Alaska

Unlike some this isn’t about breaking records, the joy of travelling by bike is it allows immersion in local cultures and traditions, an insight into another way of life.  We intend to stop whenever the fancy takes us, to spend time off of the bikes exploring this wonderous continent and all it has to offer.  Shamelessly we also intend to at times be a tourist and explore the gringo trail, Cusco, Machu Pichu, Iguazu, Perito Moreno, Torres Del Paine, Salar De Uyuni, Cooper Canyon, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas amoung others are all on our wish list.



  1. Interesting adventure, I’m envious.
    If you need hospitality in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, let me know.

    Fred bicyclist who spent 6 weeks (1989) and 3 weeks (2005) in Peru where our adoptive son was born.

    • Hi Fred, thanks for the msg, its great to be fulfilling a long time ambition, thanks for the offer of accomodation, we’ll definately be in touch if we head your way, if we do perhaps you could cycle with us for a while ?
      Matt and Sylwia

  2. Hallo Matt , hallo Sylwia – my name is guenter ( cyclist from Germany , Stuttgart ). I met you at the wonderful campground in Panguipulli / Chile . Your blog ( The miracle ? — it`s one word !!!! Nice pictures
    Good luck for your trip !


    • Hello Guenter, great to hear from you, yes we remember you, have you managed to fix the crack in your frame ? We are glad you like the blog and pictures, we are now in Mendoza, going to spend a few days here before continuing North. If you ever cycle in South England then please let us know. Matt and Sylwia

  3. Witajcie

    Podziwiam i zazdroszczę! Pozdrawiam z Roztocza, gdzie teraz kwitą bzy:)
    Kibucuję Wam bardzo serdecznie!


  4. Hi Matt,
    Totally envious of your trip. I looks as though you are having a fantastic time. What an amazing adventure. I guess you are coming to the end of it now. Will you ever be able to come back to normality?
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!
    Alicia x

  5. Hi Matt and Sylvia!!!

    I m Xav, we just meet in Barrichada.. just 10min time to share a beer!!! I see that you re travelling forward… very happy to hear from you .. which you all the best

    wish you all the best !

    • Hi Xav
      Good to hear from you, how did the rest of your trip work out. We’ve made it to Costa Rica, crazy hot at the moment so we’re going to ride along the coast for a while and enjoy the beaches.
      Matt and Sylwia

  6. Hey Matt and Syl!
    Now december is mine again, no more caroles or web radios for 2011. LOL.
    Where are you now? hope you been having good time and chave reached Guate for christmas.
    Whenever you have time, write an smile email to my mom, who is always asking me about you. Her mail is

    I wish you merry xmas…well, you are english, so I wish you happy christmas and a nice 2012. Will be following you from here.



  7. Greetings Sylvia, Matt I send greetings from Pachuca Hidalgo Mexico. What a wonderful experience traveling the Americas from Argentina to Alaska. I congratulate you, especially that they are partners and that too much talk about trust and understanding between you. I was very happy to accompany me on your trip, even if only for a very short distance, but for me it was very long. I’d love to answer this message. I am Catholic and I ask God for help in your trip. Keep in touch.

  8. Hi guys,
    where are you heading next week? I’m planning on biking in the area and wonder if I’m gonna run into you. My preliminary route is Albuquerque -> SW -> W -> NW -> N -> NE -> Albuquerque. Two weeks, starting Sat, March 11.

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